Mischke holds our hands through every step of the filmmaking process, helping create a structured storyline and expertly engaging with our clients. The results are stunning every time. We are thrilled to have Mischke’s help telling the stories of the people we help. If you’re looking to create a beautiful film with an impactful story – she’s your girl!

– Denise Gillies, Charity Fundraiser

The Corbett Network

Mischke’s way of working proved to be exactly what was needed. Alone with a camera and without all the paraphernalia which usually accompanies filmmaking, she was able to move around quickly, and get the work done efficiently without sacrificing quality. The resulting videos were exactly what we wanted.
The result was one seven minute film and nine short ones. Mischke has an extremely good eye plus a creative mind. This combination produces top quality shots and her editing is superlative.

– Lady Val Corbett, Founder, The Corbett Network