"Mischke holds our hands through every step of the filmmaking process, helping create a structured storyline and expertly engaging with our clients. The results are stunning every time. We are thrilled to have Mischke's help telling the stories of the people we help. If you're looking to create a beautiful film with an impactful story - she's your girl!"


"Mischke Weinreb oozes talent and vision. She has a natural talent for capturing events on film that are not apparent in real time! I am very impressed with her professionalism and ability to understand immediately the best way to optimise on the filming she undertakes. Mischke has an amazing ability that allows her to film in an organic way that sets her apart from her contemporaries. She really is a true artist and I would highly recommend her for any event that you wish to capture forever!!"


"Mischke has produced promo videos for the last two Tringe Festivals. She has done so with great verve and passion, working with characters as diverse as Stewart Lee, Ed Byrne, Arthur Smith, Mark Thomas, Sean Hughes and Stewart Francis. Her work has captured the spirit of the comedy festival brilliantly."