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the wonderful world of mischke

From the terraces of Chateaux l’Artigole to treading the boards at Watford Palace Theatre – there is one thing that all my videography has in common; crafting the perfect story of your day. No couple nor marketing team have the same needs for their films though. I work carefully to determine what’s going to give your film the legacy for you and your target audience. I shoot on high-end Canon DSLRs capable of shooting in 4k and in slow motion and we use a selection of lenses that will deliver a crisp and life-like depth of field. This tried and tested set-up captures the hyper-real, the glossy, the beauty of clothing, textures and awe-inspiring moments.

The strength of my approach to corporate film is in capturing interaction between people. My background of art college and drama school allows me to weave together moments that fall in line with your objectives. Conveying the passion you have for what you do is my passion. By working with you as an outsider it’s my job to explore and capture those relationships. The passion of food; The dynamic between colleagues; A charity transforming lives; or authentic and effective client testimonials.

My weddings work is my greatest enchantment. International and award winning, my style is very natural and captures the innate essence of every couple. That might be the comedy and fun between you, for others it’s capturing the warmth and closeness of your touch. I’ll be your creative bystander there to document the day. I’ve been told by many a wedding guest that “they feel like they’ve known me for years”. I’ll be there to calm your nerves in the morning to hand you your flats at the end of the night.

My priority is in ensuring that you are fully immersed in your day with peace of mind that each precious moment is being captured as the beauty unfolds.